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Our organization is 100% volunteer staffed. The mission of the Churches on-the-Hill Food Bank is to supplement the basic food needs of our clients by providing nutritionally balanced food items in a safe and welcoming space. Clients will be treated with respect and will be provided with items most appropriate for themselves, their family, their culture and their religion from the foods that are available from our Food Bank. 


Founded and sponsored by the Churches on-the-Hill*, and acting as a regional agency of the Daily Bread Food Bank, we operate a Supplemental Food Program, supplying groceries on a weekly basis to individuals and families who have a place to live but whose income is often insufficient to make ends meet.

The program is intended to provide food sufficient for up to twelve days per month. Our Babies Program provides 100% of the recommended nutrition for the key formative years from birth to 3 years.

The Daily Bread Food Bank provides approximately 40% of the food that our clients receive. Approximately 55% of the food provided is purchased directly by our Food Bank using the financial donations we receive from our community. The remaining 5% of the food distributed comes from Second Harvest Food Rescue and area food drives sponsored by neighbouring schools and residents.

The Food Bank’s Community Information Centre qualifies new clients with an in-depth assessment of both food and non-food needs. The Centre then assists with gaining access to other support services in the community.


Our clients live in an area stretching from Davenport north to Lawrence and from Oakwood east to Mt Pleasant. COVID began to impact our neighbours in March of 2020 and we have seen a 50% increase in our client base and doubled our food spend. Since we need to purchase over half of the food that we distribute, the need for on-going financial support from our community is greater than ever.

Your support can make a real difference for the families we serve.


Our organization is 100% volunteer staffed.

Clients come for groceries Monday evenings and Wednesday mornings. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, volunteers are dedicated to receiving, sorting, stocking and other aspects of operations management.

The Food Bank’s Board of Directors is made up of one representative from each of the sponsoring Churches on-the-Hill.

*The sponsoring churches are Calvin Presbyterian Church, Christ Church Deer Park, Deer Park United Church, Grace Church on-the-Hill, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Latvian Church, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church and Yorkminster Park Baptist Church.