What We Do

Founded and sponsored by the Churches on-the-Hill*, and a regional agency of the Daily Bread Food Bank, we operate a Supplemental Food Program, supplying groceries to individuals and families who have a place to live but whose income is often insufficient to make ends meet. This group of families facing regular but generally short-term hunger is our target population.

*The sponsoring churches are Calvin Presbyterian Church, Christ Church Deer Park, Deer Park United Church, Grace Church on-the-Hill, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Latvian Church, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church and Yorkminster Park Baptist Church.

Our Approach

The Food Bank’s Community Information Centre qualifies new clients. It also does an in-depth assessment of clients’ non-food needs and assists them in accessing other support services in the community. Our organization is 100% volunteer staffed with over 130 individuals contributing their time and talent. No-one is compensated in any way. The Food Bank’s Board of Directors is made up of one representative from each of the Churches on-the-Hill.

By the Numbers

About 30% of the food distributed is delivered from the Daily Bread Food Bank. Local food drives, church collection baskets and donations of food from our supporters contribute approximately 15%. The remaining 55% is purchased. In 2015 over $100,000 was spent on food, tokens and supplies for our clients. The funds were provided by our sponsoring churches, their congregations and individual donors.